Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kitchen Redo Progress > Part 1

Ok so there actually is no progress. We have been so busy since moving here and had so many things going on we actually haven't really touched our kitchen. I have however, picked out paint colors, purchased a fridge from Craigslist, and also purchased a cabinet to make an island out of from Habitat for Humanity Restore. Have you ever been to a Restore??? Those stores are Legit!! Click here to find a location near you!  We also put our washer and dryer in our kitchen. ....ughhh I hate it's current location.:( As soon as money and time allow I will be moving those to another place! Even if it is into the garage!

 What you see in the above picture is all I have for counter top space and storage. Hence the reason my sweetie is building me an island, which we will do a tutorial of! Here is my list of all we would like to accomplish. I will cross things off as we get to them! Have you seen this done in other places in Blogland? It's kinda the cool thing for bloggers to do. These cool bloggers don't just put a Before and After in a "Reveal Post".....they actually chart their progress. I am just trying to be cool. Bear with me.....

  • Purchase Fridge
  • INSTALL A DISHWASHER. (Seriously. feel so spoiled. But I miss having a dishwasher!!)
  • Make paint and color choices.
  • Paint cabinets and COUNTER-TOPS. (Like we did here)
  • Purchase used cabinet for to make island out of.
  • Finish island, paint it, paint the counter-top for it. (Also, like we did here)
  • Change out cabinet and drawer hardware.
  • Purchase light fixtures     -------------->
  • Install light fixtures.
  • Upgrade microwave and stove to stainless. (This will probably happen way later on.)
  • Upgrade flooring. 
  • Make bar stool covers for chairs for island.
  • Relocate washer and dryer to free up some space and add more cabinet space and counter-top in their place.   

Of course you know me, I want to do everything for incredibly cheap. So needless to say that when I found this light fixture (pictured above) for above my island for $69.00 at my local Home Depot, I was very very excited! You see  on it is listed for $219.00...... however the manager at the Boise Home Depot said this particular fixture did not sell well in the Boise area, so they marked it way down. I love going and seeing that they still sell it online for so much and I got it for so inexpensive! $150.00 off!

I leave you with some inspirational photos and what I would like to glean from them for my kitchen redo! 

This picture is what originally inspired me to incorporate a black drum shade pendant into my kitchen. I also love the white covered chairs!

I just love white cabinets with dark counter tops. They are my favorite. Notice the black drum shade pendant as well.

I know, I know it's not a kitchen. But I think the shade of blue/green that is on the walls is just perfect and this is what I chose for my walls.

Adore that glittery backslash, I love glitter ok?!  I also am really considering painting my island black like this with a white counter-top. Opposite of the back cabinets that have the white cabinets with the black counter-tops. Isn't it pretty??? I really really love the chandelier. Just being honest..... I would have a chandelier in every room in my house, however, I live with this thing called a man, and that would be really sad for him. So I try to add in black. and not too much crystal.

I may or may not be planning on painting my ceiling blue, along with my walls. ;) Now all I have to do is convince my husband that we need a colored ceiling. Shouldn't be hard at all!

So, to sum it up: black, white and aqua color scheme. Glittery backsplash, or glitter somewhere. Black pendant shade. it.done.

P.S. To all of you who have expressed concern... I am sorry for silence on here lately, my brother in law passed away four weeks ago, and it has been a really tough time for my family and I. I have been so busy moving my sister here I have not kept on posting as I would like.  Thank you for the prayers and the sweet notes, that many of you have sent. <3