Thursday, October 11, 2012

Entryway Reveal!

Well hello there. We have been so busy working on our house. No... not the kitchen, sorry :( But the living room, hallway, and entryway! We made our poop rust doors our first priority! (I'll explain below) Anyway, I did the above design board as inspiration for my entry..... How do you think I did, bringing it to reality?!

We are really happy with how everything is coming along. I knew that I wanted the look of the design board, but on the cheap. If I would have purchased the items used in that design board, my entryway would have cost me approximately $3,000. Um, YA RIGHT! There is no way. I pretty much stuck with a $100.00 budget. And that is including the wood that my husband and I used for the molding. Of course we got all the molding at, you will never guess.... Habitat for Humanity! Here is our "Entry" wall before!

No, that is not stained wood, the people that sold us the house actually painted it that color. Weird I know.  Anyway we got busy, painted all the doors in the house a really dark charcoal gray, all the trim white, and then added some trim of our own.

And now we have this.
We wrapped the molding around the hallway along with a gallery that I did with some poster frames for really inexpensive. I added some baskets to keep blankets in, or random junk that I may not want on the top of my pretty styled table.  I love my hallway and entryway now. Before they were the ugliest part of our house. Now with all the paint, pretties and pictures of us and our pets kids, it's my favorite part of our home!

I picked up this vintage lamp at our town garage sale for $1.00! Just added a black shade, instant update to a lamp.

Added some sweaters to my vases. They need clothes too. 

This is what I want to end up with, in my living/entry area:


What do you think of my progress so far?


  1. From what I see as your style on Pinterest, you definitely did an amazing job making it your own! Classy, pretty, contemporary taste! You did a beautiful job, love the chandelier(Reflection) in the mirror - sparkly! :) Keep up the good work making your house a home.

    1. Thanks Summer! One project at a time. :) Hope you and your family are doing well!

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