Friday, July 13, 2012

Kitchen Redo Progress > Part 2

I have said it a million times and I will say it again, go to Habitat for Humanity Restore!! Although.... if you live in the Boise area I sorta wanna hog our two local stores all to myself! My husband and I could spend hours and hours in there. Picked up this light at our local on for $6.00! The fixture pictured  on the right is called the Hundi Lantern from Pottery Barn. It retails for $299.00!! Yes, I know the one I purchased is brass,  however, I will paint it! In order to save $294.00... I am game! Be watching for a tutorial!

Pictured above is where I will be hanging the fixture. It drives me crazy how the existing builder grade light is not centered, (not even close)... above the window. Well because my new $6.00 fixture has a chain I will be able to mount it and then center it with a hook. And I am really happy about that!

This is the overall look I am going for above my sink, only with a "Hundi" style fixture instead. I think I will paint it chrome,  to go with the other fixture I talked about it Kitchen Redo Progress > Part 1.

Here are some gorgeous kitchens with the "Hundi" style lantern in them. I am so excited about my awesome find!

Via: 1, 2, 3, 4

Have you been to a Restore?