Monday, July 23, 2012

Sea Glass Jar DIY

I just love the way these jars came out. I place them in my kitchen window, and let me say it makes doing all my dishes by hand a lot more enjoyable!

Aren't they pretty? I heart them.

I have seen quite a few tutorials on these aqua colored mason jars. I chose to follow this tutorial because I wanted a true seaglass (frosted) look.  Also, I wanted to be able to fill them up with water so I could put pretty flowers in them! This tutorial is so easy. This is all you need:
That's right.
-Glue  (3 Tablespoons)
-Dish Soap (1 drop)
-Food Coloring (3 drops blue + 1 drop green)
-Paint Brush
-Jars of Your Choice (Got mine at Walmart, super cheap!)

Mix 2 parts glue with 1 part water. Which is homemade modpodge!! Did you know this?? I did not until I did this tutorial. For these jars I used 3 tablespoons glue and 1 1/2 tablespoons water. Add your food coloring drops plus 1 drop of dish soap. This is important! It gave it just the right texture! Stir together until it looks like this:
Use your paint brush to paint one LIGHT coat on the jar. I tend to over-do things. (shocking I know) I tried this a few months ago and I went over and over it trying to make it look even smooth and perfect. They did not turn out well!  Luckily  you can get the food coloring and glue right off with warm soapy water.  I washed them and decided to give it another try! Do not put a thick coat on, do a very thin coat and it will dry evenly I promise! All beautiful and frosty seaglass like. While drying it will look like this:
Don't worry and don't touch it! The streaks will fade, as long as you did one even light coat. Then you should have this!

Do this. Put them in your kitchen window. (if you have one) If you don't put them in any window. You will adore them.....seriously!

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  1. Wow! These are so pretty! And it looks so easy! Great job again, Ash! You're so talented!

  2. They look so pretty and I love that you can put water in these ones!

  3. These are gorgeous, will definitely have to pin this.


  4. Wow! Seaglass is one of those things I had forgotten about how nice it was!

    I'll have to give it a try!

    Visiting via the Uncommonly Yours Hop :)


  5. So pretty! The colors look beautiful together.

  6. Beautiful! I love how they look all in a row!

  7. These turned out amazing!! Love the color!! thank you so much for sharing at Uncommon! Sharing this on our FB page tonight!! :) Bonnie

  8. Beautiful! I love that color. I am definitely pinning this one. :)


  9. you can also use glue to get that craackle look on wood. Just paint the wood whatever color you want and let it dry. Then paint a coat of white glue on top, as it dries it will pull away from the paint

  10. Love the sea glass jars! (and the tulips too) :)


  11. Cute photos! BTW I nominated you for a blog award:) Go to my latest posting to claim it:)))

  12. Sea glass and flowers blends well, very cute photos to cherish.

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  13. These are so very beautiful! I fell in love with the picture before I even saw the fabulous project! You have a beautiful blog and I'm happy to be your newest follower via GFC. Come by and visit me if you ever have the time.

  14. Very cool indeed. You've done a great job. I'm sure lots of us guys really appreciate this. Keep up the good job.

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  15. I love this so much! I'm thinking of doing this for my son's birthday party. Did you paint the inside or outside of the jars?

  16. This is so beautiful! I wonder if I didn't wait long enough for them to dry because when I put water in my "vases" the color/glue all disolved into the water leaving clear glass? I waited about 12 hours. I ended up washing all my vases and starting over with Modge Podge & color and doing the baking version. The color stayed on but it doesn't give that nice frosted finish that I love on yours.

  17. I am currently doing this project. My dried stuff peels off the second there is moisture near. Did I do something wrong? Help!!

  18. I never expected Elmer's glue to be one of the materials used in the revamp of the jars. The color of the jar complements with your pink flowers, and they look very pretty in the kitchen windows. Well, I think Elmer's glue can also have other surprising effects on other surprising crafts. :D

  19. I just did them and they came out beautiful. I also went around the house and did come votive candle holders, I did the jar that I made for a soap dispenser, a decorative plate and a small maple syrup jar. You can also do large vases that you got flowers in. Thanks for the idea.

  20. This may be a silly question but can anyone tell me is the painting done on the inside of the jar or outside?

  21. Beautiful! Is there any way to get this look to be permanent?